Volunteer / Recruitment job descriptions

The Good Shop Current Job Opportunities

The Good Shop is a social enterprise that empower communities to make the world better. We are building our team of committed professionals who believe that we can make social enterprise the new business as usual. In order to achieve our goal we need to continue recruiting talent into the organisation. If you want to make the world better, WE WANT YOU on-board our team. If you are in sales wizard, marketing strategist, communications specialist, or operations expert, contact us now. 

The Good Shop Volunteer Job Description

Volunteer at The Good Shop and you’ll join our movement of people united by one goal – to do good everyday, for everyone. Serving customers, organising pop up shop and events, visual merchandising, training our program beneficiaries – we need people for all kinds of roles. And you’ll join a friendly team working to solve a problem close to your heart.  Volunteer at your The Good Shop and help bring positive change to build a better world.

“100% Satisfaction Guarantee”, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your product. If you are in any way dissatisfied, please email us the problem at sam@thegoodshop.com.my and we’ll take of you.

Your feedback will also be shared with the product creator so we can help them improve their products further so they can make a greater impact in the world.