The Hope Factory – Quench Water For A Cause


500ml mineral water bottle that promotes social change in six areas of critical need in Malaysia.

  • Save a Life
    Cancer and heart disease are among the highest rated diseases in Malaysia.
    This cause provides emotional and financial care to patients, whilst bringing awareness to the illness.
  • Protect the Children
    This cause strives to shed light on the seriousness of abused children.
  • Shelter the Homeless
    To those who are permanently disabled and homeless, this charity funds for their daily provisions and healthcare.
  • Educate Our Future Leaders
    Education should be accessible to all children in Malaysia as it allows them to reach their potential for a better life. It is our commitment to help reduce the gap in education access and quality among children in different communities.
  • Feed The Hungry
    Eradicating poverty and hunger in Malaysia in support of natural disaster victims and Indigenous tribes.
  • Rescue Abandoned Animals
    To defend and protect animal welfare and to conserve endangered species for future generations.


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