Magicbird – The Star Factory


Written by Gowri Paary



The story is about Leela who lives in an orphanage. She doesn’t seem to fit in and often finds herself the brunt of jokes. She ends up keeping to herself and immersing herself in books.

One of her favourite places is the roof where she escapes to to read her favourite story about a star factory. She believes that there is one star for every person and that her parents are in the stars.

The other children laugh at her when she tries to tell them that their parents are also in the stars. Leela becomes sad, more shy and even clumsier.

One night, she creeps up to the roof and that’s where she meets a purple-haired man who transforms into a white rabbit and takes her to a star factory. There, she looks for her parents and is surprised by what she discovers.


Pages: 32

Cover: Softback



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