Husk’sWare – Chopsticks


A pair of chopsticks that has been used for six months, a year, or has it been so long that you have forgotten? After washing, it is kept in the humid kitchen environment where it can easily grow bacteria.

Able to use with all kinds of food!

No added colors, product is husk natural color, simple and natural

Prevents bacteria, easy to clean

Rice husk produces natural wax, with anti-bacterial properties, prevents odors even with long period of usage.

Eco-friendly packaging

Packaging made from paper with environmentally friendly concept in mind


  • Heat resistant up to 120°C
  • -30°C freezer safe
  • High density and durable
  • Non toxic
  • Biodegradable

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 10.6 × 0.4 × 27.5 cm


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